Past and present computers

Every now and then in places like Slashdot and Sektori there comes a story of computer history, and people get all nostalgic about their first machines, how everything was better with those. Even if they had to go uphill both ways in six feet of snow to manage them. Here's my brief history so I won't have to rewrite it for all those times.

Summer of 1987: Triumph-Adler Alphatronic PC

Z80 and a BASIC interpreter. It's possible I'd written some BASIC earlier at school or at my friends' places with Commodore machines, but this is how I got into it more seriously. In retrospect it's nice to have had an off-mainstream machine as it didn't have all those games :) Just a Pacman derivative and a chess on EPROM modules. Interestingly, the manual was in German, which I started to study that year.

Another fun detail was the cassette drive: The computer had audio in/out connections for a regular cassette recorder. So I guess you could have used pretty much any audio storage device :)

Summer of 1990: GoldStar AT-LE

10 MHz i80286 with 40 MB HDD and memory that ought to be enough for everyone. Came with MS-DOS 3.3 and later ran many other DOSes. After getting a Soundblaster in early 1992, all hack broke loose and I got into demogroups and other k3wl stuff. First as SSB, later as Te(ch|k)noHog.

Early 1997: AST PowerExec 4/33 SL

Summer 1999: Toshiba Satellite 2060CDS

My first Linux machine, starting with Red Hat 6.0.

Late 2002: HP Vectra VL 6/350 series 8

This marks a point of divergence, as I started to use several different computers for 'serious' uses. Installed Gentoo on this in late 2003.

Current machines

Risto A. Paju