Gentoo Linux


[2019-03-16] New motherboard as the old one was unstable at high CPU loads.

Linux drivers

CPU temperature monitork10templm_sensors
CPU power monitorfam15h_powerlm_sensors
CPU frequency scalingacpi_cpufreq
SoundIntel HDA, Realtek ALC892

CPU notes


TurionPowerControl works great.

Microcode update

See Hoo.

Frequency scaling

[2018-04-14] With the Katana cooler, I keep the CPU frequencies maxed, using ACPI-cpufreq drivers and the performance governor. With all cores loaded, the max frequency is 3.2 GHz as it should. However, despite the fixed setting, it sometimes dips down to the minimum of 1.4 GHz upon load changes. Perhaps some internal themal throtting is at play; temperatures usually stay around 60 C (crit = +70.0°C, hyst = +67.0°C) but they may peak a bit too much, also depending on GPU heat.

The Turbo 1 mode also works, giving 3.5 GHz at 2..3 loaded cores, but it also gets noticeably hotter than with non-turbo full load. This might explain the thermal throttling issues :-/ Also, as the turbo modes are not visible via the usual cpufreq channels, I haven't been able to set undervolting for them. For now, I've disabled the turbo modes in BIOS.

[2018-05-18] Turbo mode can also be disabled on the fly, with

echo 0 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/boost
and likewise enabled back with 1. Linux doesn't seem to have more detailed control over the frequencies, and the Turbo speeds vary between about 3.35 GHz for all cores to 3.5 for fewer loaded ones. These all appear as the highest 3.2 GHz to ACPI-cpufreq and TurionPowerControl, so there is no way to set specific voltages for them.

Ethernet firmware patch

Similarly to Hoo.

Open source and OpenCL on Radeon

As in old Hoo...


..but now using nvidia-drivers which are quite seamless to install and use. For details on video decoding, see Hoo.

WD idle3 issue

As seen before, the WD hard drive has the idiotic 8-sec spindown by default. See old nanite page for more; I used idle3-tools to disable it, as regular spindown timer is enough.

Risto A. Paju