Standalone pieces

These albums and pieces are distributed under a Creative Commons License. If you need some of this music under different terms or in different formats (e.g. higher quality for commercial use, source files for remixing), contact me.

The Ogg Vorbis format now plays directly in the browser, if you have a fairly recent one such as Firefox 4.

NameDescriptionDate (and notes)Video
Kaksi tietä teknoon90s dance self-tribute to the animationFebruary 2015Fish n' Juice
ChemieElectro-prog fantasyJanuary 2015Chemie
Syksy saa - The Autumn ScoreThird seasonDecember 2013
Col. Torvalds' Linux slash GNU BandGeek humourMay 2011
Dance! Dance!PTV's theme from Domina Anatomia meets 1990s danceOctober 2006Dance! Dance!
Talvisuru — Domina Anatomia versionMan's theme from the playOctober 2006
KevätoloEpic prog-rock ambientFebruary 2006Kevätolo
Chili TremorChillout synth-funk / Skweee?January 2006
Juice of GabberEnglish Country RaveJanuary 2006
Shit Breaks (album)Instrumental pieces from the plays Paskakaparee and MurtumiaDecember 2005
Fandango Moods (album)Music based on my soundtrack for the play "Fandango!"July 2005
Universe SongMonty Python cover feat. RigoristMarch 2005
Guitar FormsDemoscene-inspired techno rockMarch 2003
TimeDemoscene-style techno rock mishmash1993/1994
Jazzy RattleTracker jazz medley with EMS aka Tonedeaf1993

Theatre music

A large fraction of my original compositions are theatrical scores. Most of that music is impossible to release as such, for example due to being live performances (I hope you've had a chance to catch some of them :) Nevertheless, some evergreen pieces have survived in some form:

NameProduction notes
RasvatyyniPyydettiin siipiä (2018). Vocals by Tuija Kytölä and Nina Pärssinen, lyrics based on text by Noira Martiskainen.
FuneralSYTY-projekti Irrallaan (2014)
Välttämättömyys karhujen suhteenIhmisiksi (2014), lyrics by Aino Martiskainen. Now on Youtube.
Folia, Leaf Surfer et al.Tyngät (2013)
Nacht, Sag mal PapaHelgen Elämä (2007)

Other collaborations

Kaksi tietä, animated poetry with Noira (Aino) Martiskainen, Sami Valkonen and Sisko Vähämäki, 2015-02-15

Korona Gloria parody on Covid-19, 2020-04-19

Bastard Pop / Mashups / Remixes / Booty

Torrents, matey.

Past and present bands/chori

BandRoleTime active
Sylvia Blah & Skeptinen TendenssiKeyboards2014
Superbos chorus conducted by Noora MäättäBass vocals2012-2013
Serious Dudes (Viitaniemi school staff band)Keyboard, vocals, kazoo2010-2013
Aave-Cadillac (Voionmaa school staff band)Keyboard, vocals, guitar, bass, drums2003-2006
St. Margaret Society chorusBass vocals1998-2000
Porin prikaatin varusmieskuoroBass vocals1997-1998
Varkauden soittokunta orchestra & Big BandTrumpet1990-1994
Varkauden soittokunta youth orchestraTrumpet1988-1994

Sheet music

Also free for use under a CC license.

Nokia ringtones

The files are plain RTTTL. I've used Gnokii to transfer them to the phone.

Note that the melodies are heavily simplified and shortened; while the format is actually quite versatile, there are storage limitations with the phones (as of my Nokia 6110 at least).


I've played: drums, electric bass, kazoo, guitars, harmonica (diatonic), piano/keyboards, recorder, trackers, theremin, trumpet, vocal cords. With wildly varying levels of activity and sophistication (mostly lack of it :)

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