MA & MSci 1998 - 2002

My first degree(s) in Natural Sciences at Queens' College, University of Cambridge in Great Britain. I studied Experimental and Theoretical Physics at Cavendish Laboratory (aka the Department of Physics). During the final two years I focused on theoretical and computational fields.

Undergraduate projects

Entropy of polymer chains by the method of cellular automata - third year computational project

Macroscopic Quantum Coherence - third year literature review of recent advances towards quantum computation

Alignment of MWPCs: simulation and calibration software for the HARP experiment at CERN, summer 2001

Levitation by electromagnetic ion confinement - fourth year theoretical project, basically my Master's thesis

Published inventions

Method and apparatus for defining the delamination strength of paper material or the like, from a summer project in 2000

Lateral interests

Geometric Algebra is a powerful mathematical toolkit. It unifies different concepts (notably complex analysis and vector algebra) into a computationally efficient and intuitive view of physics in n dimensions. I have written a Finnish introduction into the subject.

Alternative theories of gravity and space/time, including The Dynamic Universe. There's also a Gauge Theory of Gravity, some links are at the Geometric Algebra site.

Risto A. Paju