DIARY 2021




Mon, Aug 16

<20:46 EEST> New rant: Fashion Freedom? Or, why is men's fashion so afraid of change?

Tue, Aug 3

<12:20 EEST> I'm back! Not that I'd really gone away, it's just that my semi-regular postings have moved to other places such as Instagram. I've actually been updating small parts of these pages too, for example these bits about coins, to avoid writing it when the topics come up in discussion forums.

Most recently and notably, I've been outing in kilts/skirts after some downtime, and I've started updating my fashion page. It used to be just a few links that are all broken now, so I've been writing some thoughts and advice of my own. Like the wearing of skirts itself, it's a work in progress, so do come back in case you like what you read.

Risto A. Paju