DIARY 2017





Fri, Sep 22

<21:21 EEST> A book of prose poetry called Hyttysteni painaumia has just come out, illustrated by me. A nice second to the list of publications as Algoristo.

Tue, Sep 5

<16:47 EEST> The past few weeks have been pretty interesting. I recently bought my first own apartment, and I have lived here for about two weeks. Somehow, I had gotten stuck in the previous rental room for almost nine years; for a hardware geek with a solid ISP, moving poses its own challenges. Another potential issue is finding a rental one with no fixed income or otherwise reputable position. OTOH, my finances have been good for a while now, and seeing friends move earlier this year has opened my eyes too. So when a fellow theatrician was selling her 2-room flat with GbE to the wall and the interior plan of a graphic designer, I needed not hesitate much. I did consider a larger one from another acquaintance but with fewer such benefits, and later it turned out their moving plan was cancelled, so this was a good call.

Earlier, I was aiming for a 3-roomer for a separate tech/server space, but as I opted for other benefits and smaller maintenance fees, it's all in a bigger living room with not much separation for the workspace. A separate bedroom makes potential server hum a non-issue, but I'm also aiming to work with a little less hardware. With news like "mining-only" GPUs from the major manufacturers, cryptocurrency mining with GPUs is now mainstream enough to lose any serious interest. Then again, there is plenty of other work for computers/GPUs such as my algorithmic art. I already have a Mini-ITX box for live shows and I might get some more.

Risto A. Paju