The machine formerly known as Willow

Toshiba Satellite 2060 CDS

I no longer have this machine. Information is retained for reference only.

intel outside
  • AMD K6-III+ 400 (upgrade 22/11/2001; originally K6-II 366)
  • 160 MB PC66 SDRAM (maxed out)
  • 4 GB Toshiba HD
  • S3 ViRGE/MX 2MB
  • 12.1'' DSTN 800 x 600
  • ESS Maestro 2E sound
  • Lucent PCI linmodem
  • 24xCDROM, floppy, USB, 2*PCMCIA/PCCard, ser/parport

Lucent linmodem

From the above link you find the Linux kernel module, partly closed source. It works just fine and doesn't hog the CPU.

S3 Virge + passive LCD

XVideo works fine, which makes movie playing possible. The display has a little pixel corruption in some cases, which was not present in Windows, so it's probably a bug in the X drivers.

Additional notes

Maestro sound works with the OSS drivers, not so well with ALSA.

Risto A. Paju