Why Microsoft Windows is Evil

While the word 'evil' may be a slight hyperbole, it can be argued that the existence of Microsoft's Windows operating system in its present form has made the world a worse place. This page is work in progress, for now a growing collection of links that hopefully prove my point in their own right. There is probably some unix/Linux advocacy involved as well, for apparent reasons.

Security and stability problems. It's not a computer virus, it's a Windows virus.

Higher hardware and power requirements than competing systems for doing the same task

Disregard for consumer rights and fair competition

One of my main problems with Microsoft is that you're forced to buy Windows almost every time you buy a computer. Even at zero price, it sends a message of demand which may be false. Hardware makers are reluctant to support Linux driver development, since it appears that everyone wants Windows, even if they don't really want it. In summary, Microsoft distorts the basic ideals of free market economy.

Another general problem is that Windows is rife with limitations that are political rather than technical in nature. This aspect is related to the point in my intellectual property rant about corporations and governments trying to work against the 'natural' developments in technology.


Risto A. Paju