Energy and environment

A collection of things I do to help save energy, the environment, and money.

Eat vegetables

Most of meat production is a terrible waste of energy and environment. This includes dairy products, due to the methane produced by ruminants. In addition to vegetables, I eat free-range fish which is plentiful and a good source of protein and essential fatty acids.

Use the Internet

Telecommute whenever possible. Don't print stuff if you can read it online.

Download stuff

Why produce plastic-metallic discs and cardboard boxes, and haul these around the globe burning fossil fuels, when you can just use the Internet?

Libraries and Bookcrossing

Don't buy a book just to read it once. Try to pass it on, in case it's not useful as a reference. Exercise your private copying rights, when it comes to music CDs from friends or libraries.

Use free, opensource software

Don't encourage the wasting of resources into reinventing the wheel and keeping secrets. Use opensource software and operating systems instead. They tend to waste less energy when running as well, and don't require the latest monster machines.

My personal favourite operating system is Gentoo Linux. For the friends, family members and organizations I help with installation and maintenance, I usually recommend Ubuntu Linux Mint .

Low-energy computing

This section has grown too big to justify a dedicated page :)

Lead a simple life

Don't watch TV. Read a good book. Support local independent artists. Learn to enjoy small things.

Reuse, recycle, dumpster dive

Learn to fix broken things instead of throwing them away. Look around you for useful free stuff, such as magazines in waste paper collection bins.

Educate yourself

Learn what's good for you and for the environment. Make informed decisions. Think about what you need and want before buying. Trust no one. But nevertheless, consider looking at these links:

Risto A. Paju