This page is not to be taken 99.7% seriously. It is about my personal encounters with synchronicity. For more general reference on the phenomenon, you might want to read The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Shea and Wilson, and books by C. G. Jung who first coined the term.


2+3 = 5. Please read about The 23 Enigma if you're not familiar with it first. Because this number has such universally mystical meanings, any of its occurrences in my life makes me feel special ;)

Pigs, hogs and boars

There is probably nothing inherently special about these lovely creatures. It's they way they have turned up in my life time and again that is interesting to Illuminated conspirators. The points below are causally independent as far as I know.

Harry Potter, Tentacle Hentai and Cambridge University

This is pretty complicated, and not necessarily very synchronistic. These items are like a linked list in that they lack a central connection, but there's something going on here ;)

Other highlights

The first three times I met Sanni T, a friend of a friend, each took place on the 25th day of month: October 2002, October 2003, and May 2004. Of course these were not planned very consciously.

My laptop has an ES1978 sound card. I was born in 1978.

In the academic year 1998-1999, me and my sister were studying abroad. I was in Cambridge and she was in Compiegne; both cities named with an initial C and being one hour's ride North of the respective country's capital. In both cases the initial C was pronounced as K; in 1994-1997 I was studying in Kuopio which is one hour's ride North of my home town Varkaus.

Risto A. Paju